Carrotmob is a way for anyone to make a real difference with the environment by buying ordinary things in a targeted way. Carrotmob organizes people who care about the environment to use their buying power to negotiate with businesses.

Carrotmob is a network of thousands of organized consumers who buy products in order to reward businesses that are making the most socially responsible decisions. The first campaign took place in San Francisco, CA, as a large-scale, citizen-powered global initiative and has since spread to other cities around the world – first arriving in Charleston in April of 2009. The idea was suggested to us at Green Drinks Charleston and we spent a few months with it - fine tuning and waiting...

Check out this short documentary from The Cut Company and better understand our goals for Carrotmobs in Charleston.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Connect with Carrotmob Charleston online

We are organizing our Carrotmob Charleston using the internet and word-of-mouth. That being the case, please connect with us online. You can follow Green Drinks on Twitter and check out the Carrotmob Charleston Event Page.

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